Friday, June 10, 2011

Noro Vest Design 26

Winter is here today and it's really cold up here in the Mountains. I'm sure it's snowing somewhere very close - I can feel the ice in the wind.

Autumn has skipped me by. I had all these ideas to post some beautiful autumny pictures on my blog. I've just been so busy, time has just flown by. I just haven't been on the computer all that much at the moment. I seem to go through phases of being on the computer a lot but in the last few months I seem to be on it a lot less. I have all these pictures I have taken that I can blog about but my life seems to be pulling me in another direction - which is not the computer! So sorry if I haven't been dropping in and commenting on your blogs in the last 2 months.

Well, I have gotten some knitting projects done, so I'm getting through my UFO's and ordering some wool on line as well. Webs have had a big sale.

This vest I started about 2 years ago. I made silly mistakes from sleep deprivation so I frogged it and started again. My knitting speed is getting faster - I got this vest finished in 3 days, which amazed me. I was sick in bed with a gastro bug so that's where I found the time to knit (after I stop chucking my guts up LOL...:) ).

The vest pattern is from Jenny Watson Noro Mini Knits Two. The wool I used is Noro Kureyon.

I found the increases on the side made it a little bit baggy on me under the arms and the back. If I was to knit it again, I wouldn't knit the increases on the back piece - maybe knit a few more stitches in the beginning. I didn't knit the 1x1 rib around the arm that the pattern stated. I just knitted 4 rows. The wooden button is from Lincraft.


SeaStar said...

Looks Great! Hope you are feeling better now.

Lynne said...

Hope you're feeling a lot better.

Noro seems to be your favourite yarn at the moment!

Faeryfay said...

Noro is so beautiful! Well done on a gorgeous vest!:-)

Toria said...

Beautiful vest, i love the colours.

I confess that every year I mean to do a post about autumn colour in the mountains & I still haven't done it. Next year!

mountainwildlife said...

Lovely soft colours and great button too. I can't believe you did it in 3 days, must have been sparks flying from those needles!