Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tomatoes! Tomatoes!..........

Today, Lou harvested these tomatoes from our two bushes. With all this rain and me neglecting my veggie patch, I'm amazed we got these little treasures. My other veggies died or rotted, so I salvaged what I could and pulled out the rest. It's a bit heart breaking that 2 years in a row my veggie patch has been a flop. I wonder if it is because where we live now in the upper mountains, veggies don't grow as well.

Lou loved feeling the smoothness of the tomatoes. He was so tempted to squeeze them. He has done that to a few fresh eggs in the past. Now he's a bit older, he resisted the urge to squeeze. He seemed to be enjoying playing with the tomatoes gently so I let him play there for a while.

Lou's necklace is made of amber. I bought it in an opp shop for $3. It was tangled in the jewellery stand with some tacky plastic beads - the people who worked there must have thought it was plastic, not realising what it was. I was so excited because Lou lost his other amber necklace that he had as a baby.

The bowl is turned from a Camphor Laurel tree. It still has an amazing smell. I bought it recently in an opp shop for $3.50. It was under some other stuff so I was excited when I found it. Wooden turned bowls aren't cheap to buy (the ones turned here, not the imports) so to find one in an opp shop in good condition is quite rare for me. I have a thing for wooden bowls.

The Camphor Laurel is a weed in Australia. It grows huge and has quite an invasive root system.

Aren't these tomatoes cute - they remind me of light bulbs.

I think they are called Yellow Pears. Hopefully, I'll get to find out what they taste like...:)

Last Summer I grew them but Lou picked them and threw them to the dog next door to eat. We also had a lot of rain that split a lot of them, and the Bower Birds ate the rest. I thought I'd have better luck this season.

Beautiful Summer colours....:)


mountainwildlife said...

Well done on your tomato harvest- any at all is great considering the weather we have had. I bought seeds this year (not planted though) of Beams Yellow Pear- look exactly like your yellow ones.

Since we moved from mid to upper mts I have hardly grown a thing this year- but to be fair I am using mostly pots because we will move again very soon, and most places have had a very wet summer, it probably would have been the same if we'd stayed further down.

Love your op shop bargains, at least there is always good op shops when the veggie patch fails :-) Don't give up though, next year will be better!

Nicole Benjamin said...

The tomatoes are so beautiful, I love the yellow pears too they are mild in flavor. I believe there is a childrens book called yellow pear tomato or something along those lines... what wonderful finds! I too love digging through the second hand shops for wooden bowls, it is incredible what you can find!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

Thank you so much for stopping into my Living the Creative Life blog and commenting!

Your tomatoes are beautiful and yummy looking. Here in northern Vermont, we're in the midst of winter and seeing your pics makes me long for summer and my garden again. :)

Cords said...

awesome op-shop scores! and great toms too. ;)