Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feathery Visitor

Tomorrow we have our dreaded 3 monthly rental inspection :(

So I've been busy cleaning our home so we pass the inspection and keep the real estate happy and our landlord happy.

I had the window open to air the kitchen out and this little visitor arrived to say hello.

I love magpies. I love their song. When I lived Dublin years ago, I really got home sick for the warble of magpies in the mornings and crickets chirping at dusk.


alecat said...

Great photos of the maggie! :)
I wonder if it'll let you tame it? We had a family that lived in our court and they'd come into the front yard if you were there, waiting for a feed of grubs (ie: usually whilst I'm busy weeding).

Appleshoe said...

So THAT'S what a Magpie looks like. I've always wondered. It's bigger than I thought. Best of wishes for your inspection and take care.

mangocheeks said...

What a gutsy little bird. And the magpie even decided to pose for you :D

softearthart said...

We have a lot of these birds,I am sure your inspection will be fine, it is a chance to have a clean up thou, cheers Marie

Bianca said...

Isn't he a handsome fella? I'd love the warble of magpies outside my window instead of the 'fark 'fark' 'fark' of the murder of crows that live in our pine tree.

My grandma and grandad tamed a family of magpies by feeding them -they love meat.