Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Rental Blues

Do you know what really shits me as a renter? We make it our home for the time we are there, transform the place, then move leaving the house 100% better, nicer and CLEANER than when me move in. Yep, it's happened again..... we moved into someone else's filth. I have been busy cleaning a very sticky, greasy kitchen and cleaning this orange nicotine grime that's over everything!

Not to mention that on the day we moved in, the carpets were only cleaned the day before so when Lou sat down to play with his toys he had a wet bum and knees from the carpet. There's no garage to put our stuff in while it dried so we had to move in on wet carpet and hope it didn't get ruined.

...... And to find out that the landlord wants to tell us where to put a veggie patch when we plan to do it.... aaarrrhhh!!!. My ex-next door neighbour gave us a brilliant reference - she told how we transformed the backyard from weeds to a beautiful native garden and tiered veggie patch. We had to make the backyard a bit more child friendly - that's why we did it up a bit. Anyway, that's what got us this place (according to the real estate). I think the new landlord thinks we are going to do a backyard Blitz on his place! I'm over doing up other people places to make it look more homely and not a rundown rental. Hopefully, this will be our last rental place - we are saving for our own place.

But it is a lovely place in a beautiful spot in the Blue Mountains. I do feel like I'm in a holiday house. I have a pine forest out my kitchen window which I never get sick of looking at. In the afternoon the sun shines through it - it's so magical. We are next to a bush walking track but it has been too windy to go bushwalking with the kids.

Katie has a beautiful cubby house..... just have to be careful of the bees!


Marrissa said...

I know exactly how you feel about cleaning after others peoples mess, the last house we rented I spent over an hour scrubbing mould and old soap out of the shower *shudder* and also doing up gardens and things and getting no thanks whatsoever. I can't wait to move back into my own house next year! Good luck with your quest to buy your own home. Enjoy the beautiful views while you have them :)

eriven said...

I know how you feel too, renting can be the pits if you don't have a great landlord who appreciates the work you put into the place. Yuck having to clean up after the last tenants though.

Cloudia said...

You are in a good place, heading for even better ones. I feel it.

Comfort Spiral

Sherrin said...

Oh yes. I hear you. I SO hear you. Renting sucks, hey? :o(

Leanne said...

You know...I have had the same experience with purchased houses...people have different standards don't they? I like to scrub and clean so everything shines for the next *caretakers*. Unfortunately not all are the same. We have purchased two houses that I have had to clean least the first family left a can of oven cleaner in the oven for me! :/ I'm sure you will settle quickly and it will all be a memory.

Jacqui said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean Anne - I got so sick of doing that too. It was such a relief to buy a little fibro house up here and not have to deal with real estate agents or landlords again. Good luck with your saving and i hope it isn't too much longer until you can get your own home and do what you want with it. Despite your landlord and the mess you moved into, sounds like you've found somewhere you can make really lovely with some tlc.

artemis-of-the-eucalypts said...

I hear you!!!! We bought our 1st place this year, and the freedom to do as we will is so liberating! Hope you can save fast!

Nicole said...

im so glad your back on line, bummer about the cleaning, every house we have left has also been a 1000 times better than when we moved in.
im sure in no time at all you will be looking in those for sale mags :o)