Friday, July 10, 2009

"Winter Flowers"

Lanterns on the Banksia tree

Shining out so cheerfully

Can you keep the dark away

Lovely winter flowers

Wattles with your tiny suns

Underneath the Scribbly Gums

Warm our hearts till springtime comes

With it sunny hours


Toria said...

Lovely photos! I love this time of year with the wattle starting to flower everywhere. Isn't it lovely to drive home from Sydney at the moment & be greeted by all the wattle along the side of the highway?

karisma said...

Beautiful words and pictures! I am so longing for spring to get here! I am fed up with all the rain already!

Lisa said...

This is so beautiful. I love seeing the Australian flora.

Lisa :)

Cloudia said...

A magical post!


Comfort Spiral

Saints and Spinners said...

Thanks for posting these photos! I'd love to see some nature table dolls based on winter Australian flowers (hint hint). I've thought about trying to make some myself, but it's challenging to make a nature-themed doll outside of one's experience with the plant. When I made a mimosa doll for a friend, I had to study photos, as I had no first-hand experience looking at the tree.

Amber said...

Oh yummy photo's, i love the wintery feeling i get from

Anonymous said...

I love this poem! Thanks for sharing it :-)

Glennis said...

Peep oh little one, the Wattle is so pretty isn't it.
Australia does have lots of interesting pretty native flowers.

Erin said...

Such interesting pics. I love getting small glimpses into your little corner of the world!

Leanne said...

Oh love that goes hand in hand with clear blue winter skies!