Monday, June 1, 2009

Snake Neck Turtle

As usual, I'm running late and trying to get out of the door so we don't miss story time at the library. I had little Lou in the car and I was getting my bag, ready to lock up the house when my 5 year old son says,

"Mum, there's a turtle!"

"Yes, dear" I said.

"There's a turtle!" says my son in a louder voice.

"Yes, dear!" I replied, thinking it was one of his toys that he dropped from the car. "Well, just chuck it in the door, we have got to get going."

(Little pause....)

"MUM ! There's a turtle on the ground!"
Yep. He was right. There was a turtle 2 metres from the front door. Not every day you find a turtle at your front door.

The trolley was from shopping the night before - I walked home rather than drive. The shops are walking distance from my home. I usually don't have shopping trolleys outside my front door. :).

I couldn't leave the turtle there - it might wander onto the road and get squished. So, a couple of hours in the bathtub wasn't going to hurt it. I'll take it to the local lake and release it when we get back.

When we got back, closer inspection of our new house guest revealed that it was quite clean for a wild turtle (and it didn't stink that much either). In the past where I grew up, I would occasionally find a turtle along the road. I would pick it up and return it to the local swamp not far from where I lived. These turtles were usually covered with algae and really stunk.

Also, our new little friend didn't seem that camera shy either. It walked up and down the bathtub while Little Loopity Lou shrieked with excitement and Katie giggled.

Now, I'm sure wild turtles (well the ones I have come across) have been a lot shyer - so I had a feeling it was a pet. Katie and I went and did a door knock to see if it was any one's pet. No one had a pet turtle but one of my neighbours happened to be a retired Animal Behavior Biologist from Taronga Zoo. He said it looked too clean to be a wild turtle and it was about 3 years old - it wasn't fully grown. He took the turtle off my hands and was going to keep it for a week to see if there were any notices in the paper, and then take a trip down to the zoo. It is either going to be rehabilitated or it will have a new life at the zoo. :)


Sherry said...

Wow! I've never even heard of that type turtle--very cool. :)

sunnymama said...

I would assume it was a toy if sunnyboy told me there was a turtle by our front door too. What a surprise to find a real one!

karisma said...

Wow! Now that is adorable. I had to laugh at you ignoring all the "but Mums" too classic! Just imagine if he had of put it in the door and you came home to find nice little pressies on the floor. LOL! Love it!

Louise said...

LOL What a great story wonder where it came from?

Mette said...

Wow, quite a day you had =) Hope that turtle has a nice life.

Stacy said...

Turtles are cute but that long neck is really giving me the creeps!

Lynne said...

An novel way to meet intersting neighbours [human and otherwise].

Is that vest finished yet?

~Phoenix~ said...

Great story! I love turtles and have many red eared sliders and my hubby wrote an epic poem about our first - Dr Turtle. Have never seen one like this!!!

FYI - you mentioned wanting this workshop but lived too far away and now I have a Tall Tale Tree kit in the etsy store.

Lisa said...

He is so cute! So glad you checked with the neighbors and he ended up at the right place. Too many people just let their pet turtles free because they are tired of caring for them. I LOVE the conversation with your little guy!

Lisa :)

Jenn said...

so cool!!! :0)