Friday, August 15, 2008

The Autumn Maiden

The Autumn Maiden arrived yesterday all the way from America - a few days after my birthday. Thank you Cadi, she is beautiful. You have put so much work into making her. It is so generous of you to give her away. She will be treasured for years down here. I also love the fact that she is wearing all my favourite colours.
I keep looking at her in amazement. I have only just started needle felting myself and have wanted to make a needle felted doll to put on a nature table.

This is the second item that I have won on blog give aways - at least I actually received this prize. I am still waiting on another prize that I was supposed to have won months ago. Maybe my "style" just ain't "foxy" enough considering it is only 40km up the road and hasn't been lost in the post! But I will say no more.....
Maybe it's not blogging etiquette to have a dig but being Australian, I can't help myself. Why have a give away if there is no intention of giving the prize way? I'm a bit disappointed. I'll put it down to it being not meant to be, and let it go.
Anyway, I have a beautiful Autumn Maiden now, so it all balances out.
Once again, thank you, Cadi.


Kukka-75 said...

What a gorgeous doll! The colours are just perfect!

SeaStar said...

What a gorgeous doll.
How disapointing not to have received your other win!

majikfaerie said...

wow, it's so beautiful!

Cadi said...

I must say that I felt bad for not having gotten her out to you more promptly, but I am glad she arrived. I love the photos you took. :-)
I'm glad you like her.

Bright Blessings,

denise said...

She's lovely!

Toria said...

She is lovely, with those gorgeous autumn colours.

I've been reading back a little on your blog - shudder at the funnel web, but the Blackheath Market sounds good, I'm going to try to get to it next month!

Julie said...

Really beautiful! Lovingly made.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know how I found your blog, from a few others, linking on through...anyway, it's nice to read and fun getting to "know" you!! :0) Thanks for sharing your world with us