Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Baa Baa Knitted Sheep"

This sheep is another pattern from Freya Jaffke's Toymaking With Children.

I knitted it up for Katie - she loved it. It is quite an easy pattern. I even used with my newly acquired skills to crochet the tail :), although I didn't like how the head turned out. It's more my work(wo)manship than anything else.

I enjoy knitting the animals up for the kids. They are small projects that I can finish quickly.

I'm still working on Little Loopity Lou's Dinosaur. It's currently on hold - it's a project to do when the kids have gone to bed and are asleep so I can knit uninterrupted. I really have to concentrate on that pattern.

'Sunset' by Katie (age 8)

Today in my oil burner, I'm burning a blend of 2 of drops Ginger, 2 drops of Mandarin and 2 drops of Sandalwood.


Julie said...

Your little sheep is wonderful. What a fine job you have done. I would like to make some animals myself. I may start of with a cat as I have been told these are easier. I bought some knitted chickens from a waldorf school fair recently and they are so sweet.

patience said...

Aww so adorable! And I love the picture too.

Kukka-75 said...

Cute sheep! And what a horrow that spider thing! I´m scared of spiders...=/
Warrick is beautiful =)