Sunday, May 18, 2008

Little Piggy

I finally finished my second knitted toy from Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke. This pattern is so easy - just increasing and decreasing and then sewing it up.

I bought the wool at a local independent school's autumn fair. I love the mixture of pinks and oranges in the hand dyed wool. The pig knitted up bigger than I thought, which I liked.

You should have seen the sheer delight in little Loopity Lou's face when I gave it to him. Of course, he gave it a mandatory bite just to taste it (for quality assurance and yes, it did pass). He played with it for a few minutes and didn't even throw it away!

The only reason that it took me a week to knit it is that I have 3 other projects or ufos to finish - a mother's day Edgar scarf for my Mum, a Warrick scarf and a knitted Dinosaur for little Loopity Lou for his birthday (which is this Saturday - I can't see my self finishing it by then. Oh well, Christmas is only 7 months away).

Here are pictures of pigs having a mud bath by Katie (7) and my son who is 4 (the back squiggle down the botton is a mud crab having a mud bath with the pig!).


Kara said...

What a gorgeous piggy! I'm also in the Blue Mountains (Katoomba).

Gypsy said...

Oh I love the little piggy! Learning to knit is at the top of my new list, mainly so I can knit such cute toys!

Cadi said...

I always loved knitting these lil' piggies. :-)